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Telling Your Story Effectively

Presenting with clarity and confidence is an enormous challenge for most business professionals - at all levels in the organization.

Most people rely too heavily on PowerPoint and talk too much.  They do not know how to tell stories and connect with their audiences, provide too many obscure facts and details, and are unaware of the non-verbal communication signals they are sending.

Alicomm International’s Presentation Skill Training gives participants tangible tools to define their audiences, align their mission and messages, refine their personal brands, and get results. Special emphasis is spent on transforming corporate messages into personal connections through story telling.

Alicomm’s Presentation Skills Workshop shares the foundational tools for business communication such as:

  • the necessity of the communication journey;
  • what is your brand and why does it matter;
  • how to get started on the right foot - with confidence;
  • audience appropriateness;
  • brings facts and data to life;
  • do’s and don’ts of visual aids - specifically Power Point
  • how to overcome the fear of public speaking

Alicomm’s expert team of world-class presenters shares the facts, best practices and meaningful stories around business communication and helps audiences build their confidence and their brand.

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What People Are Saying

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