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Improve Your Presentation Skills Through Self-Awareness

Presenting with clarity and confidence is an enormous challenge for most business professionals - at all levels in the organization.

Most people rely too heavily on PowerPoint, do not know how to tell stories and connect with their audiences, provide too many obscure facts and details to an audience to digest, are unaware of how they are perceived by non-verbal communication signals, and TALK TOO MUCH.

Effective presentations drive vision, connect the message with the audience’s concerns, share stories to engage and BRING PEOPLE TOGETHER.

Most people are uncomfortable presenting and shy away from growing this essential business/leadership skill….but at some point, everyone must communicate their story - to one, or to many.

For some, a first step in the communication journey is needed to gain confidence and a better understanding of the basic principles of effective communication.

Alicomm’s  Half-Day—Presentation Skills Awareness Workshop shares the foundational tools for business communication like:

  • the necessity of the communication journey;
  • what is your brand and why does it matter;
  • how to get started on the right foot - with confidence;
  • audience appropriateness;
  • brings facts and data to life;
  • do’s and don’ts of visual aids - specifically Power Point
  • how to overcome the fear of public speaking

Alicomm’s expert team of world-class presenters share the facts, best practices and meaningful stories around business communication and help audiences leap to the next level in their respective journeys;’ to grow themselves (confidence) and their business brand.

(This program is available for a flat rate 15-25 participants.)

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