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Enhance Your Presentation Skills on Your Own Schedule

Being smart and having great ideas is not enough when it comes to building your business, sharing important information and ideas, or inspiring an audience of key stakeholders. Effective leaders are strong communicators and understand the imperative need to grow these skills on a regular basis. Universities graduate engineers without the necessary skills to effectively communicate and connect messages to key audiences (internally and externally). Also, tenured technical experts lack the hands-on coaching needed to manage and create messages in a more meaningful, audience-centered way.

Undeveloped communication skills may cost the company time, money, and business, as customers and contributors are often impatient and confused with mis-targeted, watered-down, data-heavy messages which lack a tangible call to action. Engaging and connecting on a human level through conversation and presentation is necessary to manage relationships, build consensus, and demonstrate leadership, partnership, and community care.

This Presentation Skills Hybrid program is the best of both worlds; it couples content and concept through computer-based training (training on demand) with in-person practice in a half-day session (versus full-day).

  • Participants have weeks to view online training modules/chapters on their own terms and
  • Modules provide the same content as traditional in-person, full-day training programs with downloadable worksheets and collateral materials to support the learning
  • Participants complete work online, and their efforts may be reviewed and supported by AliComm in an “instant messaging”
  • Every person has access to online support as they prepare for their upcoming, in-person half-day
  • The half-day session is designed for participants to “hit the ground ” Every person is on-camera, and the pre-training preparation (message) and delivery (messenger) are tested.
  • Individuals sign up for a morning OR afternoon 4-hour session (same day) to practice the OPEN, the BODY of the talk, and the Classes are booked in ratios of 4:1 for an enhanced, tactile learning experience (maximum on-camera time).
  • All materials are available online, and participants get a finalized USB of their on-camera work at the conclusion of the

The Presentation Skills Hybrid program includes 9 video modules with a total running time of (TBD). The final online module clearly sets expectations for in-person engagement to assure an optimal learning experience.


  • Are hosted on the Alicomm web-app. They are password protected and may be watched on the employee’s schedule (on-demand).
  • Can be reviewed/experienced as often as possible
  • Can be purchased ala carte via credit card


  • Strong communication skills matter: the importance of growing your career and protecting your brand
  • How this works: an action plan for developing your skills
  • Plan it out: includes worksheet assignments for defining audience, aligning mission and message, building an effective OPEN and CLOSE and developing message with story/ illustration
  • PowerPoint tips: how to use visual aids effectively (to enhance NOT dilute your message)
  • Q&A: how to manage questions/emotions while you stay on message
  • Your commitment: next steps to prepare for the in-person session
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