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Protecting Your Brand During a Crisis

COURSE OBJECTIVE:  Give contributors the knowledge and tools they need to react and communicate appropriately during and after a crisis.

WHO IT'S FOR:  Every employee in the company

CLASS SIZE: 15-25 participants

This 1/2 day, awareness workshop provides contributor in the enterprise essential training needed to protect the brand and convey – with care and concern – the company’s commitment to people, the asset, and the environment.


Unexpected negative events may occur that may impact your organization. Because bad things happen to good companies, all contributors must learn how to communicate in a crisis. 

Media engagement and management is necessary to protect the brand, engage with customers and stakeholders, share scientific breakthroughs and community outreach, enhance shareholder value, and manage the corporation’s image. A deep bench of trained leaders is required in all affiliates to engage with the media on all counts.

Effective crisis communication protects the brand, impacts license to operate, manages community reactions, and fortifies shareholder value. Organizations without an effective and practiced crisis communication plan may crumble under the weight of minor incidents; in the absence or confusion of information, stakeholders assume the worst.

Alicomm International’s CLEAR principles are taught-- care/ concern, listening, engagement, accountability/action and relationship.

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