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Advisor. Coach. Speaker.

Alison Freeman has been passionate about communication for as long as she can remember. Beginning her professional career as a TV news journalist, she rapidly grew her knowledge of effective communication skills and realized the lack of quality connection in the business world.

With a hunger to advance and the strong belief that she could make a meaningful impact, Alison became a professional communication coach in 2000 and launched her coaching firm Alicomm in 2017. She has 20 years of experience working at all levels in the business and across the globe. Her international training experiences include assignments with organizations in EMEA, Russia, the Arctic, the Americas, and Mexico. Her programs include customized media and presentation skills training, online/on demand coaching, crisis training, stakeholder dialogue & brand advocacy workshops for field personnel, and one-on-one executive coaching for top business leaders.

Alison offers innovative coaching solutions – scalable and customizable for clients of every size, geography, and need. She believes innovation, collaboration, and flexibility are essential for business success in her highly competitive industry. Her hands-on approach is non-negotiable. Alison is known to treat every client as if they were her only client. Alicomm International is a proud member of WBENC and has been a certified Women Owned Business since 2014.

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Keynote Speeches

Alicomm International offers licensed, facilitated training courses, in-person and virtual training programs, and dynamic, interactive keynote speeches with Alison Freeman that educate and inspire audiences of all sizes.

Keynote titles include:

Turning Corporate Messages into Personal Connections

When business communication gets bogged down with corporate messages, the brand suffers (both personally and professionally). This talk gives a no-nonsense perspective on our broken systems of communication and remedies on how to GET REAL and connect by building brand ambassadors and humanizing corporate messages.

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Who Do You Think You Are?

A candid look at the reality of who we are versus the labels we assign to ourselves and each other. If we strip away the labels and re-think who we are, a different perspective on ourselves and our world may emerge….one of more peace and acceptance.

The Power of Silence

An uncomfortable but necessary talk about the noise in our lives and how-to re-insert silence to gain wisdom, peace and integrity in our work.

Building and Protecting Your Personal Brand

How we show up impacts our careers and relationships in life. This talk gives tangible tools around intentional brand building and career success by demonstrating ways to grow confidence and build leadership qualities.

Success in High Stakes Conversations

Conflicts are difficult and most people want to avoid them at all costs. Having difficult conversations is part of life and there are valuable tools available to grow leaderships skills around this tricky task. Navigating challenging conversations is an essential leadership skill that can be learned; Alison demonstrates and shares tips for success.

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