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Own Your Message in a Crisis

COURSE OBJECTIVE: Enable key company leaders to communicate swiftly and effectively in a crisis, minimizing damage to the brand.

WHO IT'S FOR: Key leaders for customer/stakeholder facing assets; members of the crisis management team

CLASS SIZE: Up to 22 participants

This full day, hands-on training prepares business leaders to get ahead of the message during times of crisis and shape the story in the media through clear and timely messages. This allows an enterprise to most effectively minimize damage to the brand and maintain business continuity.

Workshop participants will learn:

  • Participants break into smaller, cross-functional “teams” for table-top exercises to assure everyone contributes.  The group deploys methodologies and best practices to collaboratively create appropriate messages for each crisis escalation.
  • Participants take turns with simulated media engagements: news radio, streaming/Skype, live TV, and print (Internet). Conversations with key community influencers are also simulated.
  • Face-to-face simulations focus on active listening, asking exploratory questions, answering with empathy, demonstrating accountability, and taking responsible actions.
  • Strategically planned social media injects “disrupt” the session and force the team to think on their feet and develop and deliver messages under pressure, in real time.
  • Each person is challenged to keep messages simple for internal and external consumption.

Alicomm International’s Crisis communication training takes participants through real world, business-specific scenarios created to put participants through the steps of an unfolding event while they manage the pressure of media inquiries, social media injects and internal protocols. Decisions are made around information sharing, and Alicomm’s key crisis communication principles (CLEAR) are tested: empathy, leadership, engagement, accountability, and response in message and action.

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