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Understanding Today's Media Marketplace

COURSE OBJECTIVE:  Prepare spokespersons for successful media engagement

WHO IT'S FOR: Individuals in an organization who are authorized to speak to the media

CLASS SIZE: 10-20 participants

Alicomm International's Half-Day This 1/2 day workshop shares candid insights about the news media and how to best manage reporters to protect the brand.  Participants leave with a better understanding of how news is made, sourced, aggregated and shared in today’s media marketplace.

In this awareness session, employees/brand ambassadors learn:

  • What makes the media tick - what are their biases.
  • The pressures of the journalist - always on the job, always on the record.
  • How to make nice with reporters - in good times and in bad.
  • What every reporter (and every story) is about - if it bleeds, it leads.
  • What reporters need to win - the ultimate competition.
  • How to prepare for a media encounter (planned or unplanned) - everyone is a journalist.
  • What is a citizen journalist - beware of the cell phone camera.
  • What your company needs you to know/do if….  i.e. exit and escalation language to give you cover.
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