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Understanding Today's Media Marketplace

Almost everyone consumes news on a regular basis through a variety of platforms. But few people truly understand how news is made, sourced, aggregated and shared in today’s media marketplace.

Liking the media, or not, isn’t the issue - how to manage the media is....because, thanks to social media...every story is global and instantaneous.

In the past, news outlets had deadlines and a news cycle to product and fact check stories and sources.

Today, the ‘news cycle’ is a 24/7/365 insatiable information beast always in need of nourishment - aka NEWS - something NEW at every minute.

FAKE news, fringe news outlets and social media have blurred the dissemination of news and degraded the public trust in the industry overall. Audiences don’t trust the primary (and most essential) role of the news media - to report without fear or favor.

Democracy Dies in Darkness - written on the front page of every Washington Post.

Alicomm International's Half-Day Media Awareness Workshop shares candid insights about the news media and how to best manage reporters to protect the brand.

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