Helping Leaders Present Their Best Brand and Message

Effective leaders are strong communicators and understand the imperative to grow these skills on a regular basis.

Being smart, gifted, and full of great ideas is not enough when it comes to building your business, sharing important information and ideas, or inspiring an audience of key stakeholders.

Tenured, technical experts and business leaders lack the hands-on coaching to manage and create messages in a more meaningful, inspired, audience-centered way.

Business leaders need to trust a candid partner who will share areas for growth, gut-checks audience concerns, focuses on business objectives, and provides coaching on message delivery methods.

Alicomm International’s Communication Coaching for the Executive focuses on the most pressing issues a leader may need to tackle such as media engagement, shareholder meetings, press conferences, internal ‘all hands meetings’ or a keynote address. Special emphasis is placed on executive presence, speaking to inspire and connect, and sharing vision.

Communication coaching for the Executive includes:

  • Identifying your professional brand... and living up to it
  • Defining the audience for an upcoming presentation or conversation
  • Aligning the mission and message (using online worksheets)
  • Identifying the Big Idea and the Road Map (3-parts) of the presentation
  • Completing the OPEN Statement/Conversation Starter worksheets


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