Give Your Team the Confidence to Have Community Conversations

Every employee and contractor is now corporate a brand ambassador who may impact how your stakeholders (neighbors & customers) feel about your brand. Frequently, your company’s "foot soldiers" come in contact with these stakeholders and get asked tough, confrontational, or emotional questions.

  • Inappropriate behavior or interaction with stakeholders could be recorded or “go viral” in nanoseconds.
  • Gaining public and stakeholder support is vital to the success of your enterprise.
  • Field contractors and employees deserve the necessary communication tools to professionally and empathetically answer your stakeholders, protect or build the brand, and stay safe.

Alicomm Brand Advocacy & Stakeholder Relations training puts tangible tools into the hands of every employee, focusing on brand building, high-stakes conversations, listening skills, and relationship building with neighbors, policy makers, and key business influencers.

Happy manual worker handshaking with African American manager who is visiting factory with her colleague.

What People Are Saying

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