Alison Freeman has been passionate about communication for as long as she can remember. Beginning her professional career as a TV News Journalist, she rapidly grew her knowledge of effective communication skills and realized the lack of quality connection in the business world.

With a hunger to advance and the strong belief that she could make a meaningful impact, Alison became a professional communication coach in 2000 and launched her own coaching firm called AliComm in 2017. She has 20 years of experience working at all levels in the business and across the globe. Her international training experiences include companies in EMEA, Russia, the Arctic, the Americas, and Mexico. Her programs include customized Media and Presentation Skills Training, online/on demand coaching, Crisis Training, Stakeholder Dialogue & Brand Advocacy Workshops for field personnel, and one-on-one Executive Coaching for top business leaders.


AliComm’s laser focus is to help executives and business leaders succeed by effectively establish their brand, articulating their message and mission, and connecting with their audience. Alison Freeman and her team help their clients become the best connectors and communicators they can be by equipping them with authentic training and coaching in a personalized way which values trust, integrity and constructive feedback.

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