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Meaningful Media Engagement

COURSE OBJECTIVE:  Prepare spokespersons for meaningful media engagement and brand building with proven techniques.

WHO IT'S FOR: Any person in an organization who is authorized to speak to the media in a formal setting

CLASS SIZE: 8-12 participants


Workshop participants will learn:

  • Speaking in sound bites: effectively delivering messages in the digital age
  • Crafting and repeating the “Big Idea”
  • Making technical messages meaningful to the mainstream
  • Avoiding media traps and negative language/premises
  • Putting a human face and personal touch on your corporate image
  • Creating audience -centric messaging that will stick
  • Sharing the messages with illustrations and examples
  • Identifying your professional brand . . . and living up to it.


  • Multiple media formats are role played, and meaningful, real-time feedback is shared by our world-class team of former journalists.
  • Participants log feedback, observations and experience in workbooks for continued growth and collaboration with their teams
  • Includes tangible, time-tested tools (worksheets and planners to use for future message development and media engagement
  • Professional, on-site videographers record all coaching and on-camera exercises.
  • Participants leave with a personalized USB of their work and coaching experience.
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