Mastering Brevity in Business Communications

Tradeshows, conferences and business events are perfect opportunities to share the corporate messages in personal ways.  But, do employees know who to craft meaningful tweets – or posts that instigate ‘click through’ to the company website and grow the business?

This ½ day hand on technology workshop demonstrates the ins and outs of meaningful social engagements and how to grow followers to your platforms…. success is only a click away.

Even though the media landscape has changed, the basic human instinct of (WIIFM) What’s In It For Me, remains…we just have to do the explaining, and hooking, more quickly.

Alicomm’s HALF DAY, “Successful Soundbites and Perfect Posts: Mastering Brevity in Business Communications” training will teach business contributors:

  • how to pitch content to customers through social media
  • how to pique interest in company activities with video snippets
  • how to increase clickthrough rate (CTR) by enticing customers to want more information
  • how to use buzz words with measurable impact
  • how to maximize SEO with tweets and posts
  • how to use mobile phones and iPads on the spot for content marketing (at trade shows, business fairs, conventions, etc).
  • how to utilize hashtags in blog

(Class size: 10-20 participants)

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