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Coaching Field Personnel on Protecting Your Brand

Field personnel are frequently asked questions on important, high-stakes issues by stakeholders (neighbors, land owners, NGOs) while on or off the job. These stakeholders may be emotional, confrontational, or disrespectful.  Field personnel may take these confrontations personally if they lack the tools and confidence to respond thoughtfully and to protect the brand.

Training them is important, but in-person training is expensive and requires layers of effort to coordinate room reservations, catering, travel, lodging, etc.

The Stakeholder Relations Training on Demand program teaches basic blocking and tackling for employees and contractors to focus on brand protection when approached by the community, customers or special interest groups.


  • Participants watch a 45-minute, 7-chaptered video (available for meetings or per-person viewing). Subtitles are available.
  • Relevant video/news and citizen journalism examples are shown to emphasize best practices (do no harm & stay safe).
  • Alicomm International trains in-house facilitators to conduct lessons and testing between chapters.
  • Participants receive a downloadable workbook of the chapters/exercises.
  • Messaging can be customized for your industry or company
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