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My dear friend and co-expert Judy Hoberman tells it like it is! This book gives readers the seven keys to success in business and in life.
Kevin Bowser is a brilliant colleague and story teller…His experience inside the largest publicly held company in the world gave him great insights to ink the gem.
I’m a fan of Nancy Duarte and her book Slide-ology - because she’s the slide creation guru.
An oldie but a goodie - Amy Cuddy has great tips for giving your mind and body power before and during a presentation.
Dr. Alan Watkins shares biological tricks to overcome fear and perform at your highest potential.
So many people get this wrong…how do you tell YOUR story in a compelling way? The steadfast contributors at Harvard Business Review share great insights on how to connect and inspire when presenting.
I used to think being seen as ‘vulnerable’ or showing my vulnerability was a weakness…man was I wrong and Brene Brown set me straight! Check out her TED talk and her best-selling book.
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What People Are Saying

What People Are Saying

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