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Help Your Teams Have Authenthic Conversations with Your Stakeholders

The Stakeholder Dialogue Workshop is a hands-on, in-person program that teaches participants how to engage with stakeholders in a more audience-centric way. It focuses on brand building, high-stakes conversations, listening skills, asking better questions, and relationship building with neighbors, policy makers, and key business influencers.

The Stakeholder Dialogue Workshop program allows participants to dive deeply into the topic of audience concerns/feelings. They are guided to craft issue-relevant messages, and they are given the opportunity to role play high-stakes conversations in a variety of outreach scenarios. Exercises focus on active listening, answering with empathy, asking open-ended questions, consensus building, and choosing battles.

Stakeholder Relations Dialogue Workshop Benefits:

  • All employees and contractors are engaged in conversations with community or government officials.
  • The emphasis is on town hall meetings, civic engagements, NGOs, and indigenous (First Nations) audiences.
  • Every participant learns tangible tools for better engagement and relationship building to drive business results.
  • Professional videographers are on-site to record all coaching and on-camera exercises.
  • Participants leave with a personalized USB of their work and coaching experience.
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